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Piano Improv #4 w/o Sustain Pe Piano Improv #4 w/o Sustain Pe

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That was a really beautiful improv! I also like the almost jazz-like part at 0:18. Keep it up!

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Bspendlove responds:

Thank you so much!!! Ahh that part, I listened to it back and thought, how the hell did I think of that on the spot? I felt like I could play Jazz for a couple of seconds, haha...

Thanks so much! :)

Takes A Sudden Turn Takes A Sudden Turn

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This is simply amazing. I'm out of words. Good job!

Compiling Currency - 3rd Kind Compiling Currency - 3rd Kind

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date uploaded??

This sounds really nice n all, but the upload date says you uploded it 11/27/2011... whaaaaaat? XD

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3rdKind responds:

I have no idea either dude LOOOOL seems i've torn the fabric of time :D

Crush - Alone in the Space Crush - Alone in the Space

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Yeaaaah, that's some nice stuff you layed down here :)
Love the first guitar's picking, with that scratching effect you added at the end (or throughout the song?) it makes it sound really cool :) Keep it up!

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BiviZ responds:

And once again sorry. Yeah my integred audiocard is good in creating strange scratching effects. Thanks to my card and thank you, driedzone ^_^

These Oceans are Walls These Oceans are Walls

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Hey man!!
I never took the time to leave a review!!
I've had this song playing on my iPod for.. what.. Months now.
I simply love it. Really simple, the guitar is awesome!
You could really work this one a bit more, and it would sound incredible!!

I'd like to do a cover! Would you let me?
I'll try playing around to find the chords :)

Keep it up man, you're doing some really great work!!

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Paulisonfire responds:

Hey! Thank you for the kind words. I'm really glad you liked the track. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I haven't logged into this for like a year. I did this track a long time ago, years before it was actually uploaded. This could definitely be re-worked. I didn't record a single harmony in the track, and I'm not sure if I'm crazy about how the vocals came out in the chorus anymore. I've developed a lot, and I feel like if I tried to re-work this I would just end up writing a totally new song. Feel free to do a cover, and build on the idea. I'd actually really like to hear it. Just credit me for the original version if you do.

Origami People In Paper Houses Origami People In Paper Houses

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Man, oooh man. This is so incredible. I love how you started the song! This was really inspiring :)
so inspiring I'm about to start working on a new song!!! Thanks!!

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=Vs.Mode= =Vs.Mode=

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I was drawying while listening to this!! >:D Keep it up!!

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Daydream-Anatomy responds: